BCAA EAA Strong 800 g

BCAA EAA Strong is constitutes a combination of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in proportions of 2:2:1 (l-leucine: l-valine: l-isoleucine) supplemented with the remaining essential amino acids. An increased supply of BCAA effectively contributes to both protecting the muscle cells from catabolism and it positively influences the anabolic processes as well. Supplementation with the remaining essential amino acids additionally improves the effects of the product.

Recommended use: 1 portion in the morning after waking up. 1 portion after the workout. On non-workout days use 1 portion in the morning. 1 portion is 10 grams of the product dissolved in the amount of 300 ml of water or juice.

amount in 100 g 10 g 20 g
BCAA 50000 mg 5000 mg 10000 mg
l-leucine 20000 mg 2000 mg 4000 mg
l-valine 20000 mg 2000 mg 4000 mg
l-isoleucine 10000 mg 1000 mg 2000 mg
amino complex 40000 mg 4000 mg 8000 mg

ingredients: 50% BCAA (20% l-leucine, 20% l-valine, 10% l-isoleucine), 40% amino complex, emulsifier E414, acidity regulator malic acid, sweetener sucralose.