BCAA NX Pure 8:4:1 400 g

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are key amino acids taking part in the intracellular transformations during the physical effort. BCAA Nx Pure 8:4:1 are branched chain amino acids composed in the proportions of 8:4:1 (l-leucine : l-valine : l-isoleucine) without other additives. Increased dose of l-leucine gives the enhanced anabolic impulse raising their efficiency.

Recommended use:
1 portion in the morning after waking up. 1 portion after the workout. On non-workout days use 1 portion in the morning. 1 portion is 10 grams of the product dissolved in the amount of 300 ml of water or juice.

amount in 100 g 10 g 20 g
l-leucine 55385 mg 5538 mg 11077 mg
l-valine 27692 mg 2769 mg 5528 mg
l-isoleucine 6923 mg 693 mg 1385 mg

90% BCAA (55,4% l-leucine, 27,7% l-valine, 6,9% l-isoleucine), emulsifier E414, acidity regulator malic acid, sweetener: sucralose.