Massive Pro 40 3200 g

Massive Pro 40 is an anti-catabolic preparation with a high content of proteins (40%) composed of the carbohydrates of diversified digestion time and two fractions of proteins (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate). The carbohydrates applied in Massive Pro 40 constitute the mixture of hydrolyzed corn starch, isomaltulose and dextrose, which guarantees the successive supply of energy exactly when it is necessary. The mixture of proteins provides the optimal amino acid profile essential for fast growth of the muscle mass.
Using Massive Pro 40 increases the energy and building balance of the body providing the resources necessary for the balanced growth of the pure muscle mass.
Massive Pro 40 is particularly recommended for the athletes of all disciplines.

Recommended use:
1-3 portions per day. 1 portion is 50 g of the product mixed with the amount of 300 ml of water or milk.  
Recommended consumption:
In the morning after waking up. During the day between meals. After the workout. 

amount in 100 g 50 g 100 g 150 g
energy value 1538kJ/367kcal 769kJ/184kcal 1538kJ/367kcal 2307kJ/551kcal
fat 0,9 g 0,4 g 0,9 g 1,3 g
of which saturated 0,6 g 0,3 g 0,6 g 0,9 g
carbohydrates 48,2 g 24,1 g 48,2 g 72,3 g
of which sugars 9,8 g 4,9 g 9,8 g 14,7 g
fiber 0 g 0 g 0 g 0 g
protein 40 g 20 g 40 g 60 g
salt <0,1 g <0,1 g <0,1 g <0,2 g

45% carbohydrates complex (hydrolyzed corn starch, isomaltulose, dextrose), 50% whey protein complex (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate - from milk), emulsifier E414, acidity regulator malic acid, cocoa reduced fat for flavor: chocolate, sweetener sucralose. The product may contain trace amounts of rapeseed lecithin, nuts and other animal proteins.