Mono NX Creatine 500 g

Mono Nx Creatine is the highest quality micronized creatine monohydrate in combination with anabolic amino acid of taurine. Creatine is used to store energy that is necessary during the anabolic processes taking place in the muscle cells. The shortage of creatine may decrease the muscle efficiency and strength. Taurine is an amino acid that, among other things, accelerates and increases the transport of creatine.

Recommended use:
1 portion after the workout. On non-workout days use 1 portion in the morning. Drink with a lot of water or juice.
1 portion is 4 g.

amount in 100 g 4 g
creatine monohydrate 75 g 3000 mg
taurine 25 g 1000 mg

75% creatine monohydrate, 25% taurine.