NEX 3 Creatine 500 g

Nex 3 Creatine constitutes the highest quality tri-creatine malate that is responsible for increasing the strength and endurance of the muscles. The combination of three molecules of creatine with the molecule of malic acid reduces the loss of creatine in the digestive system and simultaneously it increases its digestibility. Additionally, Nex 3 Creatine was enriched with taurine that improves the transport of creatine to the muscle cells and accelerates the anabolic process that take place there.

Recommended use:
1 portion after the workout. On non-workout days use 1 portion in the morning. Drink with a lot of water or juice.
1 portion is 4 g.

amount in 100 g 4 g
tri creatine malate 75 g 3000 mg
taurine 25 g 1000 mg

75% tri creatine malate, 25% taurine.